Photography & Model Credit


Finland photoshoot:

Photographer: Jussi Koskela

Model: Maria Veranen

Makeup/hair artist: Maiju Qju

 These pictures are a result of a collaboration of three Finnish artistical souls. The photographer, Jussi Koskela, loves to wake conversation with his pictures. He has during the years worked tightly together with the makeup- and hair -magician behind this look, Maiju Qju, in different projects. Maiju is also the founder of hairsalon Loihtimo in Jyväskylä in Finland. The model in the pictures is Maria Veranen, a former proffesional, international-level model, who nowaydays focuses on her studies at the University of Helsinki.

Model agency: Model Point Models, Finland.


Pacific Roots Media by Annika Lundkvist

Annika Lundkvist is a photographer currently based in Sweden. She loves working with ethically minded & plant based brands.

Pacific Roots Media - Instagram

Pacific Roots Media - Facebook



Sweden & Julise Llupa

Two vegan sisters living in Sweden, originally from Italy. Teamed up with Annika Lundkvist photography for an all vegan photo shoot.

Sweden Llupa - Instagram

Julise Llupa - Instagram


Jedrzej Knop

Instagramer & influencer based in Poland.
His love for fashion and modelling started a few years ago and now it feels like a way of life. Presenting products to his fanbase, and spreading positive energy to the world has become his work and his passion. He loves to link music, fashion and lifestyle within his work and hopes that he is spreading good vibes.

Emilie Dahlst

Singer. Writer. Photographer. Student. Vegan Mom

Emilie has recently particpated in a vegan mamma photo shoot with lots of fabulous vegan mums in Sweden, published in Raise Vegan Magazine. In which some of our clothing was modelled and featured - photography by Pacific Roots Media by Annika Lundkvist.

Emilie Dahlst - Instagram





Jennifer Valentina Montiamo

Motivational speaker. Comedian. Singer. Vegan Mom

Another vegan mamma featured in the Raise Vegan Magazine vegan mom article. She totally rocked our clothing for this shoot by Pacific Roots Media by Annika Lundkvist.

Montiamo - Instagram




Jannika Navjord

Vegan feminist. Debator. Children's book writer. Robinson Cast Member

Altogether kick ass vegan boss lady! Jannika Navjord is a vegan feminist who loves to debate, she was part of the 2019 Robinson (Sweden's Survivor) cast. She also writes and publishes vegan children's books. Part of the Raise Vegan Magazine vegan mamma crew, photography by Pacific Roots Media by Annika Lundkvist.





The beautiful Åsa has been collaborating with us for just over 6 months. She is an active vegan influencer in Sweden having been featured in djuens rätt. She runs a successful blog and promotes vegan companies and products via her social media. Please check out her work using the links below:

veganlifestyle blog

Vegan Influencer Instagram



Wild Kite Visual - Darren Meitiner

Darren Meitiner a talented photographer from Suffolk, UK. Runs his video and photo production company ‘Wild Kite Visual’ and is also a vegan. We are very lucky to have him on board, we will be running lots of campaigns using his photography in the future. Please check out his work via his website and social media:

wildkitevisual - Instagram

wildekitevisual - Facebook

Darren Meitiner - Twitter



Marcel Braun

Marcel has formed some great collaborations with us for a few months now. Based in Germany, he is passionate about veganism and spreads the message via his social media. He blogs about fair fashion, fitness and of course plant based living. Check out the link below to see a bit more of the work he does:

Marcel Braun - Instagram


Elizabeth Jones

Liz is an inspiring young lady who fights tirelessly for animal rights. Based in Miami, Florida she is a huge vegan activist, educator, biologist and rescuer. She is actively involved in saving animals and sealife, promoting veganism and animal rights with every breath she takes. Please support her amazing efforts by usomg the links below:

Elizabeth Jones - Instagram


Ally Viamalama

Author. Yogi. Animal lover 

Ally Viamalama based in Spain promotes a cruelty free, vegan, zero waste lifestyle via her blogs, vlogs, podcasts and books. She has a huge following on both instagram and youtube where she discusses products, companies and her lifestyle. We were fortunate enough to meet Ally in London during vegfest 2018, she loved our products and has since worn them in numerous campaigns both on instagram and her youtube channel. Keep up to date with her latest posts using the links below:

Ally Viamalama - Instagram

Ally Viamalama- Youtube



David A. Ramsden

Motivational speaker. Animal rights activist

David travels the world visiting different countries and cultures spreading the vegan message, trying to change hearts and minds. He works tirelessly with The Save Movement helping to raise awareness via workshops, vigils, talks, outreach events and cube of truth events. He also supports our company and often wears our clothing during such events.

Skinny Vegan Fitness - Instagram

Patreon - davidskinnyveganfitness

Skinny Vegan Fitness - Youtube





Katya Dixon

Katya captures beautiful images and we have been lucky to work alongside her in a number of collaborations. She is a passionate vegan and also a marathon runner.




Mellie works hard to promote veganism in Germany, through animal activism, vigils, working with animal sanctuaries and supporting direct action. We have been very lucky to collaborate with her when we first launched our rebranding to Do No Harm Apparel.