Casa Albets - Spanish, Organic, Vegan Luxury

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Casa Albets - Spanish, Organic, Vegan Luxury



Nestled in the rolling hills of Catalonia we found what we could only describe as vegan paradise. Casa Albets, is not only a vegan hotel but prides itself in providing an eco-friendly, organic and sustainable luxurious retreat.

What we love the most about this beautiful hotel is the attention to detail. Not only is the setting idyllic, surrounded by 200 hectares of beautiful rolling Catalonian hills, forests and fields and in the distance the Pyrenees mountains. But the hotel itself has been beautifully renovated with the intention of being eco-friendly and sustainable. Providing quality with the least environmental impact.


The renovation of the masia of the Albets family based in Lladurs, by Megan & Joel was a lifelong dream incarnated. The house has been in Megan's family for generations and with love and attention they have instilled their beliefs and lifestyle choice into the project. They have both been vegan for many years and for many reasons including; ecology, social responsibility and respect for animals, with the rejection of violence and exploitation of all kinds. Casa Albets demonstrates that life without harm to animals, people and the planet is possible.



With sustainability at the forefront of the design every aspect has been thought of from the power sources, furniture and cuisine. Currently the hotel heats its water using biomass sourced locally but in the future they look to adopt solar energy. Waste management uses a filtration system utilising aquatic purification systems from plants and ground filtration. Most of the furniture within the hotel is also made from wood sourced within the grounds and all the furnishings in the rooms including the mattress and pillows are 100% eco-friendly, handmade, vegan and natural.


Now to the cuisine... yes we could not write a vegan travel piece without mentioning the food we sampled here. All the food is locally sourced, eco-friendly, seasonal and high quality. With the plan to move towards homegrown foods with a large garden area for guests to see how their food is grown before sampling it on the plate. The food here is sensational. A vegan gastronomic experience out of this world. Many dishes are classic Spanish flavours with a vegan twist. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served and there is even a tapas and snack menu available for room service. Everything on the menu is organic and locally sourced and cooked by the in house vegan chef.




The rooms are beautifully decorated with a modern, fresh style but still encapsulating some rustic Spanish charm. We were lucky enough to stay in one of the two newly built rooms, completed in 2019. We had the junior suite with jacuzzi and terrace. With spectacular views out towards the forest and a lovely terrace area to relax and unwind in the sun. After a long day of walks in the beautiful forest surroundings there is a jacuzzi bath situated in the large spacious room ready to get your relaxation fix. All the rooms are decorated to the highest quality with the least environmental impact. 




Another added bonus... this hotel is also pet friendly. They have a strict pet policy which requires you to sign a contract to state you will treat your animals with dignity and respect at all times.


We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in this majestic, tranquil Catalonian retreat, We hands down reccommend it to vegans and non-vegans alike. The food is flawless and the scenery is limitless. We can't get enough of Casa Albets and we are certain we will be visitng many more times in the future. We cannot wait to see the new developments in the pipeline... a new spa and pool, and terrace area all of which are due to be completed during 2020.



Photographs from our stay: